Deloitte and Results Legal achieve significant win.

Creating new law to generate a significant dividend for unsecured creditors and overcome the Director’s abuse of the insolvency law: Michael McDonnell, Principal of Results Legal and Richard Hughes, Queensland Head of Turnaround and Restructuring at Deloitte, discuss their successful strategy.
We are partners, not just service providers. We take the time to listen to our clients and understand their objectives. We then develop and implement a strategy to achieve the best possible results to align with these objectives.

Our clients share their experiences in working with Results.

“Michael and the team at Results are who I turn to when the going gets tough for my clients.”

Michael Garrone | Mage Advisory

“At the end of the day, we are trying to achieve a commercial outcome. Results genuinely have the clients’ best interests at heart. Like their namesake, they really do get great results.”

Steven Staatz | Director of Insolvency & Reconstruction, Vincents Accountants

“I really appreciate clear concise simple advice so I can do my job. Since giving most of our work to Results Legal it has been a lot less of a headache for me.”

David Finn | Operations Manager, Atradius

“I like their approach – they are ethical, and work with integrity. We are given clear guidelines about what needs to be done, within this timeframe and at what cost. They coach me through their recommendations and help me come to the right decision for the business.”

Maria Schandl | National Credit Manager,  Stramit

We are not just proud of the results we have achieved for our clients, we are proud of the way in which we have achieved them: through a commitment to knowing the law, really listening to our clients, and fostering a strong workplace culture in which our staff thrive and deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Jessica McKenzie, Fletcher Building Australia
Few law firms are on the level of Results Legal.

In fact, I was recently contacted by someone on our debt recovery panel to ask why they weren’t getting as much work. They put in nowhere near the effort that Anna puts in…she’s definitely in the hot seat for us.

Jessica McKenzie
Senior Legal Counsel, Fletcher Building Australia
Cameron Crichton, Grant Thornton
Michael is always motivated in working towards getting the best outcome for his client.

He has a broad understanding of the considerations. A huge benefit is that there’s no need to coach him on what I need – he’s already there. This saves so much time. When you have a long-standing relationship, there are efficiencies.

Cameron Crichton
Partner – Financial Advisory, Restructuring Advisory, Grant Thornton
Chris Williams, Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd
Their integrity stands out in the credit industry.

I get the sense they know what it’s like to ‘step into my shoes’. They can relate to the challenges we face and are really driven to help get the results we want – not just what’s easiest, or the most lucrative path. In this way, they go above and beyond.

Anna is client focused. She aligns with what the client actually wants, she genuinely cares about delivering the right results. She has a strong work ethic and will exhaust all options.

Chris Williams
ANZ National Credit Manager, Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd
Jon Dooley, Vincents
In my dealings with Results – particularly the heavily contested cases – you get to see the qualities of the people acting for you. I’ve never questioned they’re acting in my best interests.

Results are driven to getting the best results. They look at it from a legal point of view – they’re true litigators. They are dogmatic – but in the right way. Also commercial, which is really important.

They are persistent. In the long drawn-out complicated matters, I’ve been impressed by the fact they work really hard. We’ve had some complicated, ugly matters – but they got results. Generally it’s their dedication to get a result that’s most impressive.

Jon Dooley
Executive Chair, Vincents
Mage Advisory
I consider them ‘proper’ specialists – they can go to court without a barrister.

They instil confidence when you’re dealing with ugly shareholder disputes – they are able to take on Brisbane’s best litigators. Having clear processes also keeps costs down.

Michael Garrone
Director, Mage Advisory
Mark Aldridge, Emandem
A good lawyer is strategic, provides clarity up front, and sets out a clear direction.

With Results, we are aware of the pathway laid out from the start and how we’re going to reach the desired outcome. The team at Results has all these attributes.

They’re well known to produce results. They’ve proven formidable in regard to the correspondence war in the courtroom. They’ve come up against giants like Clayton Utz – where you have to be strategically all over it. And they are. They’re focused.

Mark Aldridge
Managing Director, Emandem
A commercial, hands-on approach.

The typical model of professional services firms is to give the bulk of the work to the juniors, and for the senior staff to just oversee things. In contrast, the Partners at Results are hands-on, which is very appealing. A commercial, hands-on approach is even better, which is what Results delivers.

Michael Dart
CEO, Phaslo
Maria Schandl, Stramit
Results are always clear when it comes to working on a file.

They provide clear advice: ‘This is what we’re going to do’, here are our options, minimum and maximum costings, recommended time frame, consequences of timing etc.

Maria Schandl
National Credit Manager, Stramit
They’re uncomplicated, practical. Most of their clients aren’t lawyers – they’re good at dumbing things down and distilling the information.

They’re able to highlight the risks of particular actions. They’re good at highlighting the potential hurdles and working out what matters most in the case at hand.

The commercial reality is that it often doesn’t make sense to go to litigation. Credit Managers can get emotionally attached to collecting debts, so it can be quite fraught. Anna’s ability to spell things out clearly and succinctly is greatly appreciated.

Tony Pilimon
National Credit Manager, Rexel