Your career.

At Results Legal, our people are key to our clients’ success.

We have a structured program with a clear focus on mentoring, professional development and career progression.

This program includes individual career roadmaps, success profiles for all roles (including the next role team members are aiming to be promoted to), individual development plans, regular mentoring and feedback sessions, a structured training and professional development program (incorporating personal as well as professional development), peer learning opportunities, and a regular performance review and development planning cycle.

We also offer opportunities at an early stage in our lawyers’ careers. Allowing our young lawyers to be client facing and appear in court helps to develop their people and technical skills. We find that it accelerates development timelines, promotes innovation and contributes to a dynamic, client focused workplace culture.

Current opportunities

Interested in finding out about current and upcoming opportunities?

In your penultimate or final year of study?

Gain practical experience through immersive, hands-on training with a clerkship or placement with Results Legal.

Our firm culture emphasises knowledge-sharing, mentorship, and a supportive team environment designed to accelerate your professional development.

Working at Results Legal

At Results, we strongly believe that our culture is what sets us apart.

We take great pride in cultivating an exceptional workplace culture that fosters growth, innovation and collaboration.

We asked some team members to share their thoughts on why they joined Results and what they value the most in their role and workplace.

Meet the team – Charlotte Evans

As a dedicated Associate at Results Legal, Charlotte has been able to flourish in an environment that emphasises technical growth and mentorship opportunities.

This culture has provided her the perfect platform to hone her skills and expertise, allowing her to tackle complex legal issues with ease and confidence.

Charlotte is grateful for the access to experienced mentors who have guided her along the way, and equally appreciative of the chance to pay it forward by mentoring aspiring lawyers.

Meet the Team – Nick Baker

At Results Legal, we are proud to provide a supportive environment for growth, and offer challenging work that keeps our legal professionals engaged and motivated.

Nicholas Baker, promoted to Senior Associate (effective July 1, 2024), shares his experience working at Results Legal over the past three years.

In this video, Nick talks about starting as a junior solicitor and the growth opportunities that led to his current role. He highlights the technical challenges, the chance to improve his legal and professional skills, and the supportive network as key reasons he enjoys working here.

Meet the Team – Demi-Ann Dawes

At Results, we believe that building a strong culture is essential to creating a workplace that inspires and motivates team members. We recently asked some team members why they joined Results and what they value most about their role and workplace.

For someone like Demi, who was looking for both a challenging career and a community of like-minded individuals, it was the perfect fit. Now, as a successful member of the Results team, she can attest to the many career opportunities that have opened up for her since joining.

Meet the Team – Peter Clark

We pride ourselves on fostering growth and providing invaluable experiences for early career lawyers.

As an early career Solicitor at Results Legal, we asked Peter Clark to share how Results Legal has helped him to grow, personally and professionally.

Peter highlights the significance of being challenged beyond one’s current capabilities, part of the firm’s continuous improvement culture.

At Results Legal, we understand that early career lawyers crave more than just routine tasks. Peter’s story underscores the value of seeking opportunities that not only align with your skillset but also give you the opportunity to develop your technical skills in a supportive environment.

Meet the team – Michael Robson

Meet Michael Robson, a dedicated associate at Results Legal since October 2022.

We asked Michael to share what he values about being a part of the firm. He highlighted the value of being embedded in a supportive team, while maintaining a level of autonomy to obtain really good commercial outcomes for clients.  At Results, we believe this balance of teamwork and autonomy not only encourages personal growth and collective success, but it also empowers our people, like Michael, to achieve exceptional commercial outcomes for clients.

Karl, Nick and Leona discuss the supportive workplace culture at Results Legal
“As the MD of Results Legal, I’m really excited by our business. I’m really excited about what we’re building together as a team.” – Karl Hill
Leona Adams celebrates her promotion to Principal in 6.5 years
“What really appealed to me was the workplace culture of Results Legal. The team was really close knit. I was thrown into the deep end and given access to really good clients and cases.” – Leona Adams, Principal
MD Karl Hill discusses the firm’s successful ‘Grow Our Own’ program
Our MD Karl Hill discusses the ‘grow our own’ program, which has resulted in high staff satisfaction and fast career progression.
Nicholas Boyce outlines the reasons why his career has progressed rapidly
“The mentoring I’ve received has been exceptional. The regular and detailed feedback from a technical perspective is something I don’t think I would have received at a larger firm. As a junior lawyer in a large firm, you may see a Principal once a month. At Results Legal, the Principals are accessible to me, and I believe this has been instrumental in the development of my skills, confidence and clarity of career progression.” – Nicholas Boyce, Principal (Graduate to Principal in 6.5 years)
The team and our Brisbane based clients celebrate Nick and Leona’s promotion to Principal
At Results Legal, we believe in celebrating success. When two of our graduate intake lawyers were promoted to Principal (in 6.5 years – an exceptional achievement), we gathered our whole team and Brisbane based clients and celebrated in style!
Sam, Kate and Cameron discuss what it’s like working at Results Legal
“Results Legal is one of the few firms where you can carve your own path. Regardless of your passion, you feel you can follow it and be fully supported by the Principals and the rest of the team. I can’t picture myself being anywhere else as I wouldn’t get the same opportunities or level of freedom that I get here.” – Cameron Clough, Senior Associate